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Trump and Biden both boast about creating auto industry jobs — but differ on how

"I got you so many damn car plants,” President Trump told auto workers last week. Biden, meanwhile, is pledging "1 million new, well-paying jobs in the American automobile industry."

Ford to cut 1,400 workers in U.S.

Ford posted a $1.9 billion loss for the second quarter, and is expecting to be in the red for all of 2020.

Workers swap public transit for personal cars

“I used to take the bus and train everywhere, but not anymore. I will not do it."

Trump's trade war drives some auto jobs to China

The trade wars have, so far, yielded no benefit for the U.S. auto industry.

Consumers shopping for a new car are still wary, adding to problems for automakers

Some auto manufacturers say it could take until late this year to get vehicle stocks back anywhere close to normal levels.