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And the North American Car of the Year is....

The win was particularly sweet for General Motors, which took a big risk by completely tearing up the traditional playbook for the vehicle often known as “America’s sports car.”

From infotainment to helicopter cabs, the auto industry is flying high at Consumer Electronics Show

Before you even step inside, one "smart" car will set your seat to the right position, turn on your favorite tunes, and program the GPS for your next destination.

James Cameron's Avatar comes to life in Mercedes' sleek concept car

The four-door concept car bears more than a slight resemblance to the Banshee flying vehicles used by Avatar’s Na’Vi cat-like aliens.

Fugitive Carlos Ghosn holds press conference, compares his arrest to Pearl Harbor

Speaking publicly about his ordeal for the first time, Ghosn told a press conference he was not fleeing justice but escaping injustice.

'Holy Grail' of batteries could slash the cost of an electric car

Automakers are spending billions of dollars in a fierce battle to develop better batteries to power the upcoming industry shift to all-electric vehicles.