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Owners of flooded cars are likely to find their insurance doesn't cover the damage

Many owners of flooded cars could find that, despite carrying insurance, they are out of luck when it comes to recouping their losses.

As highway deaths rise and seat belt use drops, GM rolls out buckle-up feature

The new 'Buckle to Drive' system lets a car start, but won’t shift into gear for at least 20 seconds, a delay that could encourage more drivers to belt up.

GM's $2 billion Chevy Bolt fire recall casts shadow over electric vehicle market

Industry officials worry about the potential impact any fires could have when the industry is investing billions in the shift to battery power.

Car buyers pay as chip shortage outlook dims

Carmakers hoped their chip shortage would end by fall. Now it, and higher prices, may stretch into 2022.

Biden's electric vehicle revolution could be just another road block for minority communities

While the White House is driving a proposal to accelerate electric vehicle usage to combat carbon emissions, advocacy groups say Black and brown neighborhoods must benefit, too.
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