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GM turns on Trump, now supports California's tough emissions rules

GM CEO Mary Barra, once closely aligned with President Donald Trump on this matter, has fled to Biden's camp.

Recall Them All: Senators Make Bold Demand of Air Bag Maker

Two U.S. senators on Thursday called on Japanese auto supplier Takata Corp to immediately recall all vehicles containing the company's air bags.

Automakers Trim the Fat From Vehicles

Packing on the pounds can be a big problem, whether you’re an athlete or an automobile.

The Gadget Show That Looks Like a Car Show

In many ways, automakers have become some of the most visionary participants at the Consumer Electronics Show.

New Cadillac Zooms From 0 to 60 in 3.7 Seconds

Cadillac is hoping to radically revise its image with new midsize CTS-V debuting at the Detroit Auto Show next month.