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Trump's Japanese 'bowling ball' story spins into the gutter

"I have no idea what he was talking about," Center for Automotive Research's Kristin Dziczek said.

Problems pile up for Tesla as quality issues mount, executives flee

Tesla is at risk of being overwhelmed by traditional competitors with deep pockets

Taunting Tesla: Mainstream brands are challenging Elon Musk's reign

Tesla is losing the technological edge that, until recently, made it a unique alternative to conventional cars.

What's new at the Geneva Auto Show: A Croatian hypercar, an electric Porsche, and more

The Geneva Motor Show has a history of throwing curve balls, and this year is no exception, with luxury brands rolling out battery-powered sportsters.

Tariffs could backfire and cost U.S. jobs, warn automakers

Auto industry analysts fear the tariffs could hurt voters who supported candidate Trump, especially workers in U.S. car manufacturing.