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Mercedes exec outlines next steps in road toward autonomous driving

Sajjad Khan, who heads Mercedes’s future technology development, spoke to Automotive News Europe about the challenges on the road to self-driving cars.

Teflon Musk wins again with escape from 'pedo guy' legal firestorm

Elon Musk's reputation as a controversy-stirring billionaire who escapes relatively unscathed from the firestorms he creates for himself seems to be sealed.

Honda uses social media to talk about car crashes

The automaker has discovered that crumpled vehicles can be a starting point to talk to consumers about safety at auto shows. Now, it's taking it a step further with a social media campaign featuring its customers who have been in crashes.

Lenders differ on 84-month loans

While such loans have risen from a small base nationwide, they are not climbing at all lenders — because of differing views, policies and portfolios. Lenders who support, or at least tolerate, longer loans believe it is now easier to calculate risks because of improvements in underwriting metrics and the use of alternative data.

New to the U.S. landscape, a Mazda supplier commits large

Toyota's U.S. supply base will support the new Mazda-Toyota vehicle joint venture in Alabama. But Mazda needs suppliers, too.