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China beats U.S. 8-1 when it comes to charging EVs

A new-energy vehicle development plan under consideration by Chinese officials and intended to shape the sector through 2035 will set new goals for boosting the number of public and private chargers throughout the nation. 

Volvo aims to be climate neutral by 2040

Volvo aims to be climate neutral by 2040 and to get there it will slash its life cycle carbon footprint by 40 percent to 31.8 tons of CO2 per car by 2025 from 53 tons in 2018.

Senators target auto technology mandate to block drunk driving

Senators Tom Udall, a Democrat, and Rick Scott, a Republican, say they will introduce legislation to mandate alcohol detection technology on all new vehicles within about four years of the bill's passage.

Tata looks for Jaguar Land Rover partners, but rules out sale

The Indian conglomerate that owns Jaguar Land Rover said it is open to finding partners for the automaker but isn’t planning on selling the embattled unit.

Ex-employee's lawsuit claims Mercedes dealer used racial slurs, boasted of overcharging black customers

Jeffrey Turner says in the federal lawsuit filed last week that Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette fired him in October 2017 after he reported offensive conduct to the automaker. He is seeking damages and a trial by jury.