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Florida, Texas, other states issue new restrictions to slow COVID-19

Several states have announced new stay-at-home orders, though vehicle sales still allowed in some cases. The Florida Automobile Dealers Association advised dealerships that they have been deemed essential services.

Rod Campbell, promoter of Ford racing, dies at 88

Campbell and Co. was created nearly four decades ago to handle PR for Ford's racing unit and is still operating today.

Penske Dash short-term rental program halted after less than a year

Penske Dash – which launched in D.C. and Arlington in the fall – joins a slew of mobility services that are facing financial ruin amid the coronavirus outbreak.

It won't be 'business as usual for quite a while' in Canada, Unifor says

Unifor President Jerry Dias said he anticipates assembly plants coming back online will do so initially as one-shift operations whenever it is determined that they can safely re-open.

FCA launches coronavirus response campaign, 0% for 84 months

FCA's campaign will get media support on television and digital. Starting Wednesday the automaker will run the campaign in place of individual spots promoting its brands.